Welcome to the Harrelson Center

The Harrelson Center is a nonprofit campus that supports and partners with other nonprofit organizations in the Wilmington community to provide centralized services. Support is provided to our 12 nonprofit partners through: 

  • Below Market Rental Rates
  • Paid Utilities
  • Parking and Security
  • Building Care and Maintenance
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Networking and Social Events
  • Client support through community partnerships & The Help Hub
  • Volunteer recruitment

This synergistic environment allows all of these nonprofits to operate more efficiently and better utilize their funding. The Harrelson Center strives to educate our community about the services offered from all of our nonprofit partners and provides assistance in connecting the dots between organizations and those we serve. The center recognizes the critical needs of others and encourages, uplifts and assists them in rebuilding their lives through the services provided at the center.

Our vision is to provide a welcoming, collaborative, and spiritual environment, robust with idea sharing and opportunities for synergy and powerful service delivery, where people can easily navigate resources, referrals, and direct services that impact lives.

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The Help Hub

A few years ago, several churches in the Wilmington area met to discuss the best ways to collaboratively serve people in need. The concept of a centralized emergency outreach center was born and The Help Hub was established. Today it provides short- term or emergency assistance to individuals and families in need of financial help and or guidance to connect them with additional resources. 

The Help Hub was founded by: The Harrelson Center, First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, and St. James Episcopal Church in 2015. Other churches have since joined the effort including Holy Cross Episcopal Church, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Winter Park Presbyterian Church and Wrightsville United Methodist Church. 

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Harrelson Center Celebrates 10 years

September 2015 marked the 10th Anniversary of The Harrelson Center! To celebrate we marked the occasion by "Honoring The Past with New Beginnings" at a special ceremony. Mike Queen and Bobby Harrelson gave a historical perspective, Jerri Holliday sang, and District Attorney Ben David painted a vision of the community and center in years to come. We also inducted our first ten Honorary Board Members during the ceremony. Thank you to everyone who made this event so special!