The Harrelson center celebrates a partner each month to celebrate their hard work and dedication to make our community a better place. the partner of the month receives a donut party for their staff, courtesy of krispy kreme, HIGHLIGHTS on our social media and website, and is featured on our giant poster board displayed on campus.

our MARCH partner of the month is:

Young Scientist Academy

YSA is a non-profit corporation, bringing over 20 years of global experience in scientific research and education. We are very passionate at providing experiences in research and nurturing children’s natural interest in the real world through inquiry-based learning.

  • In a fun and creative environment, we provide opportunities for students to engage their innate interest in the natural world.
  • Science is a process, not a subject. It is a way of thinking, not facts to be learned.
  • After-school and summer programs provide real research experiences through collaboration with each other and PhD-level researchers. ​

910.386.1867 | SUITE 420