Our Mission:

To provide a humanitarian services campus of nonprofit organizations that offer hope, opportunity, and empowerment.

The Jo Ann Carter Harrelson Center Inc. is a North Carolina nonprofit corporation 501c3 (EIN 20-3598248) that supports and partners with other nonprofit organizations in the Wilmington community. The Center works with its partners to meet the needs of the community in areas such as safe and affordable housing, education, employment, health care and family support. The Center recognizes the critical needs of others and encourages, uplifts and assists them in rebuilding their lives through the services provided in the center.

The Center provides its nonprofit partners social and educational opportunities, marketing and promotions, volunteer recruitment and a place of collaboration for them to help those in need in our community. The center supports its partners with below-market rental rates that cover all utilities, parking and security. This synergistic environment allows all the nonprofits to operate more efficiently and better utilize their funding.

Bobby Harrelson said it best in Crazy Like A Fox, an article in Wilmington Magazine. "It's a safe wonderful environment for all those charities to be located in. Our vision was to create a place that could put the charities together that were helping those who wanted to help themselves. We're not a hand-out place; we're a hand-up place."

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A place where needs are met, dreams are fostered and hope abounds. 

From our Partners, Neighbors, and more! 

  • "The Harrelson Center helped us gain more exposure and we enjoyed the downtown location and the proximity to so many churches and partner organizations. The HC was our first real home and allowed us the room and opportunity to grow into the organization we are today. While we have moved off the campus into a bigger space, we still enjoy the connections and benefits that come with still staying an Associate Partner." 

    Louise Hicks, Executive Director, Community In Schools of Cape Fear

  • In 2019, we had a staff of three and were serving maybe 150 individuals. Three years later, after moving to the Harrelson Center, we have a staff of 18 and are serving some 1500 people. Moving to the Harrelson Center has been pivotal to our growth. It was the huge stepping stone we needed to be able to increase our impact on the community and really do right by our clients.

    Genna Wirth, Voyage

  • "Foster Pantry moved on campus in May 2021 after joining the Harrelson Center initially as an Associate Partner in 2019. Since arriving, our vision has become reality. The Harrelson Center has provided us with affordable rent, a safe and comfortable space to host volunteers, board meetings and support groups, and a wonderful event space to host larger events. Our incoming donations used to be 70% used items. Now, perhaps due to our improved stature, our incoming donations are 80% new! But the Partner benefit with the greatest impact to us and our families is being within arm’s reach of so many other amazing nonprofits and the Harrelson Center team. Having these additional resources in the same building for our families, as well as having the support of the Harrelson Center staff allows us to continue to ease the transitions of our local foster children."

    -Stacy Pullen, Executive Director, Foster Pantry

  • Since moving to the Harrelson Center, "Instead of a family going all over town to receive different services, we can walk them to another agency down the hall to help them with anything they may need." 

    Anne Best, Executive Director, Family Promise

  • “The truest measure of love is revealed by how we respond to the needs of others. The desire to give and serve others stems from a place of earnest compassion. People with hearts to serve and love to give….that’s what you will find at the Harrelson Center."

    Missy Bennett, Executive Director, Operation Pretty Things

  • "The Harrelson Center really provides a unique opportunity to serve people holistically. If I'm not the expert in one area, I know already that somebody is within the Harrelson Center. It's an amazing way to provide a warm handoff so that people have all of their needs served." 

    Emilie Hart, Regional Director for the Cape Fear Chapter of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Raleigh

  • "We are grateful for the resources and partners the Harrelson Center has introduced to us." 

    Tina Ivins, Family Support Network

  • "We value the Harrelson Center for the resources that they give us every day for our community” 

    Diane Brock, Peer Recovery Resources

  • "Since Voyage moved into The Harrelson Center in January, our partnership and combined programming has only strengthened. Together we create higher quality programs, we’re better able to remove barriers, and we have more space to provide instruction with positive adult role models. Here, we have shared resources, funding, and space with the Center just bringing it all together."   

    Genna Wirth. Executive Director, Voyage

    & Dr. Rob Condon, Executive Director, Young Scientists Academy

  • "We have been at the Harrelson Center for 3 years

    and it's been a dream come true!"

    Cindy Moore, Quality Services Director, GHA Autism Supports

  • "I truly appreciate the way you assisted me. 

    From start to finish, I was treated with kindness and dignity. I work for a non-profit and it is encouraging to know when I refer clients to you that they will feel cared for and not judged. 

    Thank you for helping me and our community."

    - Linda M.

    Thank you note from neighbor

    receiving assistance and guidance at Help Hub

  • "Being a partner of the Harrelson Center has allowed Soaring As Eagles to soar even higher than before. The collaborations and friendships are blessings to me and to our organization. Through these collaborations, we have been able to extend our reach to help more families in our local community."

    - Kim Ceasar, Executive Director, Soaring As Eagles

  • "The Harrelson Center changes the lives of people in amazing ways. Whether they are seeking financial help, spiritual help, whether they are looking for a job, clothing, food or encouragement, a listening ear or someone to help build them up, people can come here because it is not only in the heart of Wilmington but IS the heart of Wilmington."

    - Jim Everette, Harrelson Center Ex-Officio Board Member

    & Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church

  • “We are all different parts, but part of the same body. 

    Even though every partner is separate, there is cohesiveness.

    We mesh and balance each other.” 

    - Jerri Holliday, Executive Director, Philippians 3 Ministries